Tech 21 Classic Shell - iPhone 6/6S - Pink



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Our iconic Impactology" case Classic Shell case for iPhone 6 provides outstanding impact protection for the back and sides of your valuable device in a slim-fitting design. Created with a premium TPU formula known for its excellent flexibility and abrasive resistance scientifically proven shock absorbing D3O� material lines this smooth shell surrounding your device with intelligent impact protection. The Classic Shell smokey iPhone 6 case is available in a rangeof colours to choose from. It offers premium impact protection for the device you love in a minimalistic stylish design.|


- Scientifically proven D3O� impact material which absorbs and dissipates impact - An advanced TPU formula renowned for its excellent flexibility and abrasive resistance - A slim-fitting design - Access to all functions of iPhone 6|Tech Specs:Compatibility: iPhone 6 Colour: Pink Weight: 30g Measurements: Height: 154mm Width: 75mm Depth: 10mm|

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