Samsung Galaxy Note 3 S Pen STYLUS



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  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 S Pen STYLUS
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 S Pen STYLUS

The S Pen makes it easier to interact with your GALAXY Note 3 (4.8Φ) - without leaving messy fingerprints.

Its 1,024 level pressure sensitivity delivers the accuracy demanded by professional designers, so it’s just like using a normal pen or pencil.

Just write and go!
The S-Pen is the ideal solution for even easier use of your GALAXY Note 3! Using the S-Pen, your data input is easier and more accurate than using finger operation - AND it doesn’t leave annoying fingerprints on your screen either. Enjoy all the benefits of finger control with even better results.

※ S pen is compatible with mobile devices which have a Wacom Sensor.
※ This special sensor can be built into a GALAXY Note 3 product line only


Control and Sensitivity
With 1,024 levels of pen pressure, you enjoy the same degree of sensitivity demanded by professional designers. And the S-Pen is as simple as using a pen or a pencil, making it the ideal choice for all users who want fine control when working on photos, designs, etc, as well as for everyday use.


  • White

Compatible Models

  • Galaxy Note 3

Physical Dimension
Dimension (WxHxD)

  • 5.9 x 4.8 x 108.7mm

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