Samsung note 4 s pen stylus



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  • Samsung note 4 s pen stylus
  • Samsung note 4 s pen stylus
  • Samsung note 4 s pen stylus

Samsung Galaxy Note S Pen

The Samsung Galaxy Note S Pen is made to compliment your Galaxy Note 4 smartphone. The Replacement Stylus automatically launches the S Pen screen when you remove it from the Note 4, so you can get right down to business. Its small and lightweight design makes it easy and accurate to control giving you complete precision when using your handset. The S Pen is styled similarly to a premium-writing instrument, yet it’s small enough to completely fit into the S Pen compartment of the Galaxy Note 4 handset.

Samsung S Pen for Galaxy Note 4

Once you get hooked on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s S Pen for taking notes, you won’t ever want to go back to just using the on-screen keyboard. The tip of the Samsung's Galaxy’s S Pen simulates a finger touch, tap or swipe to provide a full, touch-screen environment without leaving a single fingerprint behind.
With its attractive design, the S Pen allows you to make quick notes, draw or edit in addition to performing typical touch-screen commands. You can also use the S Pen stylus’ multifunction button in conjunction with shortcut gestures for faster input. The Samsung Galaxy S Pen for Galaxy Note 4 takes things to a whole new level with its quickness and ease of making corrections to your work.

At a Glance:

• Full-featured S Pen with button for gesture control
• Boasts a smudge-free, silicone tip for pinpoint accuracy and no fingerprints
• Available in both black and white to match your device
• Compatible with Galaxy Note 4


  • Galaxy Note 4

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